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The Fade animation animates the opacity of an element.


The following example fades the element in after 20 frames and fades it out after 60 frames.

import { Animated, Fade } from 'remotion-animated';

const Example = () => (
Fade({ to: 1, initial: 0, start: 20 }),
Fade({ to: 0, start: 60 }),
<h1>Example text</h1>

Fade options

to?: number

The element's opacity will be animated to this value.


  • 0 means the element will become fully invisible.
  • 1 means the element will become fully opaque.

initial?: number

The opacity that is used at the start of the animation. Defaults to 1.


To achieve a fade in animation, set initial to 0.

Animation options

start?: number

Frame at which the animation should start. Defaults to 0.

Initial values aren't applied before the start frame.
  • If you want to hide the element before the animation starts, use the in prop on the<Animated> component to set the in frame for the entire animation.
  • If you want the animated property to have a different initial value, you may change it beforehand using your own styling.

duration?: number

Number of frames for which the fade animation runs. Defaults to 15 frames.